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A “24hours” means that participants ride on a circuit, competing to clock up the most laps in the time.
TEAMS ride in relays, swapping between the various riders. A TEAM can be composed of 2, 4, 8 or 12

The 24H of Finale is an event suitable for every type of cyclist. What unites all the participants is their
passion for mountain biking and the desire to have a good time. Depending on the type of team with which
you decide to enter, you will be free to decide how you get the most enjoyment out of it. TEAMS range from
those who are very competitive and have a strict race strategy, those who are more interested in having fun
than in posting fast times.

So the 24H of Finale is open to competitive athletes and unlicenced amateur cyclists. That’s why the
competition is sub-divided into two events. The first is a true race, open to all licenced riders as well as those
who can provide a medical certificate proving they are fit to undertake strenuous activity.
The second, NON competitive event, is open to all, including amateur cyclists. The race itself is the 24H of
Finale, has official standing and follows specific regulations. The NON competitive ride is a cycle tourism
event that, although it takes place on the same course and follows the same format as the 24H of Finale, has
a different start. As it is not a competitive event, no classifications are given.

Min Elevation 227.97 m
Max Elevation 375.05 m
Total Elevation Gain 545.11 m
Total Elevation Loss 548 m
Way Points 0
Track Points 708
Max Speed 14.6 m/s
Average Speed 2.07 m/s
Total Distance 11710 m
Total Time 1h 34m 19s
Route Points 0

The 24H has become a must. The Finalese countryside offers a perfect combination of lots of different types of trail – single track with a sea view and fun tobogganing giving way to some technical climbs and sections on rock.
The course is mostly single track, so if you are used to riding only on wide dirt roads, you would be to start to get used to something a bit narrower. The circuit is about 11km with a difference in altitude of 350m.



vai all versione in Italiano