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SOLO RACE: from friday 27th may to saturday 28th may 2022


A “24hours” means that participants ride on a circuit, competing to clock up the most laps in the time.
SOLO riders compete on their own, without teammates to help share the work.

Some riders are able to, yes. They are really heroic. However, a SOLO does not have to stay in the saddle for the whole event.

Every biker can use the time as they think best. Riders can stop whenever they want, for example if they are losing count of the laps completed.

Min Elevation 227.97 m
Max Elevation 375.05 m
Total Elevation Gain 545.11 m
Total Elevation Loss 548 m
Way Points 0
Track Points 708
Max Speed 14.6 m/s
Average Speed 2.07 m/s
Total Distance 11710 m
Total Time 1h 34m 19s
Route Points 0

The 24H has become a must. The Finalese countryside offers a perfect combination of lots of different types of trail – single track with a sea view and fun tobogganing giving way to some technical climbs and sections on rock.
The course is mostly single track, so if you are used to riding only on wide dirt roads, you would be to start to get used to something a bit narrower. The circuit is about 11km with a difference in altitude of 350m.

The 24H of Finale is without any doubt among the most important events in the world; every year it hosts SOLO from all over the world and it is not a coincidence that it is one of the founding events of W.E.M.B.O. (World Endurance Mountain Bike Organiation).
WEMBO was set up in 2011 to establish an international standard for 24-hour mountain bike events, and to create
the World Championship of the speciality every year called “24-hour Mountain Bike”.
Finale Ligure has already hosted two World Championships and a European Championship for the SOLO category, proving to have a race track and organization with international quality standards.



vai all versione in Italiano