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You wake up one morning and, while still partially sleeping, you start gazing out of the window. The usual view has something different to it.
They might be small details: sky is more blue, maybe the leaves on the trees are moving in a different way, or just the scent the humid soil gives out brings back memories.
Getting out of bed feels hard and going out even harder but deep down you know that you can’t resist that call…

It’s been so long since you got in the game.
You feel rusty on the first moments but you soon realize that this is what you really want: you’re outside, free, you are pedalling and the blue sky that you were looking at a minute ago is all around you. You are finally part of nature again.

We are feeling the same way. And that’s exactly why the 24H of Finale machine is up and running again! This mix of drive, awe and beauty given by the nature in Le Manie is pushing us towards taking this challenge by its horns!

The fields, hills and sea are waiting for our and, mainly, your long overdue power and energy.

It is with great enthusiasm that we are making the official announcement that the 24H of Finale will be back on the 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2022. All of us and all of you will be back for the XXII edition of the craziest, most fun 24H event!

We are preparing so many new activities and opportunities but what will always be there is the spirit of the event itself: riding will be an excuse to spend time together. As usual: the key will be being there!

vai all versione in Italiano