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We can finally share it with you!

The WEMBO World SOLO 24H MTB Championship 2022 will be happening in Finale!

In 2012, the 24H of Finale team was chosen for the great first edition of the WEMBO World Championship. Today, like then, after a 2-year break, Finale is picked as the rebirth of the event!


We are both proud and extremely excited for this and we are truly looking forward to sharing this with you on the 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2022.


These three dates will be rich in happenings and battles among SOLOs. Ready to write history in the most epic and exciting event, ready to be part of a legendary race.



We can’t wait to give a new life to the challenge that every SOLO experiences during the 24H of Finale. This competition not only has decided some of the best victories of the sport, but builds and grows a personal challenge in every athlete, pushing him towards his limits and able to tighten solid relationships among athletes, Finale itself and us organisers.



We are not done though!

This year, the event will offer many more ways for everyone to live their passion. We are not only talking about the SOLOs but also the TEAM category.


The 24H will have 3 events in the roster:


– WEMBO World SOLO 24h MTB Championship (from Friday the 27th to Saturday the 28th of May 2022)

– 24H Finale MTB  (from Saturday the 28th to Sunday the 29th of May 2022)

– 24H Finale E-MTB  (from Saturday the 28th to Sunday the 29th of May 2022)


Three different ways to live MountainBiking that will have 3 specific courses: one for each event. The cool thing is that every single one will meet under the center stage, perfect place for  listening to music or drinking a beer together!

We’ll be unveiling the 3 courses in the following weeks. In the meantime, rest assured that each and every single one of them is designed to live the specific discipline to the fullest. Created to enrich the experience on every type of bike you’ll choose to use at the 24H of Finale.

Stay tuned then for all the following news and get ready to sign up when the page will go live on the 20th of December!

vai all versione in Italiano