UNDER 18 and E-MTB will race at the 24H of Finale

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The 24h of Finale has always been an example of how different views on the MTB can live together  in a single event, creating what is de facto one of the most beautiful, and relevant MTB events all around Europe.


And yes, at the 24h of Finale everyone is different, but lives in the same, passionate MTB family.

Sure enough, since its birth in 1999, athletes and amateurs joined in, although their extremely different views of the  mountainbiking discipline. Competitors, beginners, Solo, Teams, Single Speed, Geared bikes, Cross Country, Enduro bikers, even if they tackle the race in different ways, they have always shared the same passion for the MTB, making the 24h of Finale the most genuine and true MTB event on the field.


It’s with this spirit that we’re thrilled to introduce two new TEAM categories that will live the magic of Le Manie at its fullest.

First, in 2020, UNDER 18 TEAMS will be able to join the event. We’re going to give much more credit to young riders, our target is encouraging them and increasing their passion for a healthy sport like mountainbiking.



Also, at the 22nd edition, E-bikers TEAM FUN will not be missed!


Voltage event in the past 2 years, (the first 6 hour-long E-MTB race that we organized), was a clear sign that Electric MTBs were ready to join the 24h of Finale!

In over 2 decades, our event has seen the MTB evolution, and has always included every form of riding. The E-MTB, capable to involve a lot of new users, will be no less.

Still nowadays, on the race course we see 26”, 27,5” and 29” wheels, Front, Full sus, steel, aluminium, carbon bikes pass by at the same time.

The 24h of  Finale has any formula…maybe we are still missing some weird, do-it-myself, rare bike examples. And we hope this will be the chance for them to join!


More specific info can be found on the event schedule.

Some details HERE:


The UNDER 18 TEAMS category is based on 8-athlete teams.

Those who will participate must be between 14 and 17 at the moment of the event, and they must possess an agonistic licence and/or an agonistic medical certificate.

Furthermore, every athlete must present an indemnity form signed by a parent, and the team must be accompanied by at least a person of age 18 that will be considered in charge.


Regarding the e-bike FUN TEAMS, they are included in a NON-competitive category, that can join the event in its “cycloturistic” format. 

The rad thing is that they can partecipate as “Full electric” Teams (only E-bikers) or “hybrid” teams (E-MTB-bikers and/ MTB bikers): another way of highlighting the inclusiveness spirit of the event.


22nd edition of the 24H of Finale: WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

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