special offer “the lost edition”

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Today would have seen the start of the 24H of Finale 2020, the 22nd edition od the hardest, most fun, craziest endurance race ever seen.

This will be an edition to remember, mostly given the great amount donated to the 118 of Savona by the racers, touching up to 6000 € and fiercely needed in Covid-19 times.

This particular edition goes to show that nothing is given and only increased the push to go to Le Manie and share our passion for MountainBiking.

The race didn’t happen but will be stuck in our minds one way or another…also thanks to a special t-shirt, well, two special t-shirts:


Cotton T-shirt –  Price: 12 €



Tech T-shirt  –  Made in Italy  –  Price: 39 €


This offer is extremely limited!

As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to pre-order it only within a 24-day window.

You’ll be able to place the order straight on the SLOPLINE website: Italian company that is our proud supporter.



And, if the 24H of Finale “Lost Edition” is not enough for you and you’d love to take the taste of party at home, then, don’t miss the Ligurian Beers.

They can be ordered straight from our trusted brewery ELISSOR 



Don’t forget that the offer has a limited 24-day window!

The countdown has started and the clock is ticking and, when it will stop, the t-shirts will be shipped to the fastest!


vai all versione in Italiano