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Get ready for a very WEMBO 2020!

Sorry to be a bit late with these announcements and the happy new year message, but we have been a bit busy in Australia with the fires I am sure you have all heard about. Importantly for 2020, there has been no impact of the fires on our world championships course in Armidale, so everything is on-track for this yearís world championships after a great Asia/Pacific Continental Champs in Armidale, Australia last year. Link for the 2020 world champs on 7/8 November is:

Thanks to our event hosts from 2019, especially Mario Roma and his team who held a great world championships and the first WEMBO event in Brasil.

The website will be updated soon, but for now, here are the upcoming events. *** Please note we have moved 2022 WEMBO World Championships to Finale Ligure *** who have also lined up for the WEMBO European Continental Champs in 2021. Due to some local changes in Slovakia, the support for that event was not as strong as it originally was to deliver a WEMBO standard event for you.

WEMBO Continental Championships for 2020.

ï We are already set up for Europe in Jihlava, Czech Republic on 27/28 June, but there will also be special childrenís race that will take place on 23 June, 4 days before the main race. It will be for children in school grades 6 to 9, but don’t worry, its not for 24 hours 😉

ï We can now announce our FIRST Americas (that is North and South combined) WEMBO Continental Championships for 11/12 July in Bend, Oregon.

ï Asia/Pacific WEMBO Continental Champs are planned be in Rotorua, New Zealand on 26/27 September. Full details still to be finalised.

If you want to brush up on the eligibility rules for a WEMBO Continental Championships, see the WEMBO website qualifying section at:

And, after all those continental events, see you back in Armidale for WEMBO World Championships 2020 on 7/8 November !
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Russ, Frazer & Riccardo


vai all versione in Italiano