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As all riders know, balance is key for keeping momentum and, simply and safely, ride.

Who has been riding for a bit doesn’t really think about it: it is pretty much “riding”.

But, just go back to when you were a kid and you tried to ride a bicycle for the first time.
It seemed almost impossible at first but, one day, it just became a natural process.

From that moment the bicycle has become an amazing instrument, able to set you free, thanks, of course to that “balance” that you found at the beginning.

And here’s how the bike started teaching you what saving energies, harmony in balance and sustainability was.

So who better than a biker can dig deep into the concept of BALANCE?
Not only when riding of course, but also in every small thing and in life in general.

We love to spend time in the nature, we have a great time on amazing trails and stop in front of breathtaking views… sometimes, though, we can’t realise how some of our actions can mine the ecosystem we live in and move towards damaging it in the same way as we loose balance from the pedals.

Maybe mankind used to know how to keep the balance right on planet Earth, maybe mankind has lost track of that.

But, as kids keep on trying until they reach the right balance on the bike, we, too, must dedicate ourselves to re-learn hoW to be and live on the world we are given.

Here is the challenge that the 24H of Finale wants to set for 2020: Keep the balance!

It has been years that BluBike is supporting trail building and maintenance of trail areas around Finale. Having said that, we want to do more and better, and, mainly, together.

Our actions have always been base on one concept: the great will of a few is vital for opening a way that everyone can follow, but having everyone involved and working together can take us to true success.

Latest news are a confirmation of that: if everyone complies with his small task, great results can be achieved, exactly like everyone rows in the same way and at the same rhythm on a boat, even if we are talking about pirates (and we know we are pirates ourselves).

As pirates in a world that wants us to be users, consumers and polluters, we’ll try to found the event on our greatest treasure: the amazing landscape that we love for Mountainbike.

We believe that finding the balance is a perfect challenge for us; it simply happens as soon as everyone of us takes active part in the cause.

Nothing done for a revolution but only knowledgeable, right and shared behaviours.

This year we’ll try to prevent the presence of any single-use plastic items, avoid energy waste and push recycling to 100%. These will be real actions that will perfectly match to everyday life.

Furthermore, thanks to the help from the C.I.M.A. Foundation in Savona, we’ll calculate the eco-footprint of the whole event and start a re-foresting project for the area burnt because of the wildfire spread last year.
This will balance (once again) the CO2 made in the past.


These will all be actions that, not only will change the way we organise the event but will also make it more important for Finale and, mainly, for people like you that will surely be active part of it.

We are truly looking forward to having you at the 22nd edition on the 24H of Finale
On Le Manie area (of course) on the 22-23-24 of May 2020

vai all versione in Italiano