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There is a place where you can ride around the world in 24H and there is no need for fancy transport or technology to do that.

You just need a bike and a suitcase full of enthusiasm and understanding of how all of us are part of this world, with its beauty and frailty.

Actually, each one of us makes the world we live in and, also thanks to this year’s WEMBO edition, our aim is to push towards exploring and understanding how important this is.
This year we’ll finally be able to meet again and manifest how working for a better world is key! While following Phileas Fogg and Passepartout’s adventures, we’ll be able to transform the 24h track into the whole world thanks to your help…how would that be possible?

You may ask.
This year, all the team camps together will represent the world and you’ll be able to choose your favourite nation: is it a real one or not, with its own flag, traditions, coin and laws maybe, you’ll have the chance to (re)create it!

Together we’ll showcase a world in which to travel, discover and share experiences.

More details in the following news…Phileas Fogg is working on maps and tracks. You’ll see!
Sign in as soon as possible: the balloon is ready to take off!

vai all versione in Italiano