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In every single crew, even amongst the pirates, a shipwright is always in action so that, one day, the ship itself won’t wreck.
This reminds us of an old story that perfectly works as a metaphor about what is happening during these times

Once upon a time, deep in the Seven Seas, pirate Greenbeard and his crew stumbled upon a violent storm that broke two masts. After hours of fighting against waves, rain and wind, once the storm gave them some rest, the captain decided to head towards the closest piece of land in order to fix the damage.
The following day, 2 head shipwrights moved in the forest and identified 2 strong trees, equal in size and strength to be cut and replace the damaged ones. They couldn’t afford spending too much time there given the scarcity of supplies on the ship, so they had to be as fast and efficient as possible. They started working side to side, each on a tree, each with his axe. Even if both very experienced, they had 2 different techniques: the first was hitting the trunk with great strength and rhythm, non stop and no rest; the second with equal strength but resting and stopping plenty of times, sometimes for rather long time spans.
Once the sun started setting, when time came to go back to the ship, the first of the 2 was half way but the second had taken the tree down already.
The first couldn’t wrap his head around that: “how did you do that with all the time you stopped chopping?” He said.
His friend looked at him and said: “You are right, I did stop plenty of times and rest, but that time allowed me to think about the best way to work on the tree. And also, I used that time to sharpen the blade of the axe: if you don’t do that often, your efforts will eventually be heavier and less effective. You’ll get tired, you won’t see as clearly and you’ll loose sight of the target.”

Thanks to their work, the ship was able to be a part of great adventures.
This story has a great meaning.

We believe that being able to stop is a vital ability. It has the power of making us start again with a better conscience and will to succeed in our lives.

We know that who takes part at the 24H of Finale like you, well understands this.
Many have been the times you stopped on the track. Not because you were too tired, but because you wanted to soak the view in and enjoy a panorama or a sunset.

Being part of 24H of Finale carries excitement and gets us further away from the frantic everyday life, but connects to nature and yourself. When you’ll start again, even if you’ll have been resting for a long time, you’ll be stronger, happier and aware of what is truly important.

The storm caught everyone and has been sudden and unexpected. Other stan stopping the 24H event (relative matter at the moment), it has lifted and suspended any regular activity, from work to everyday life.

It has surely been the most overwhelming situation that hit the western society in Europe after the post-second-World-War. It limited our personal freedom and forced us into stopping for indefinite amount of time.

This pause and uncertainty are scary but we must fight back and stay sharp while doing the only thing that can help in living this period.

This is not forcing us to feel constrained but is a chance to stop and think, work on ourselves and get ready to start even stronger than before.
This situation is hard for everybody, true. A negative attitude will only make it worse though.
Things have changed, also true. Let’s use them to plan a new start then!

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives!

Using the trainer at home keeps us fit but in life like at the 24H, the close-knit team wins.
Fighting together and joining in the fight is vital. In life like at the 24H!

Don’t you feel the need of getting closer to those people that everyday’s buzz has slightly taken away from you?
Don’t you feel the need of using social networks for what they’ve been designed for? That means finding lost friends and share with them a positive vibe.
Don’t you feel the need of calling a friend that you’ haven’t spoken to in years, recalling the old days and, maybe, planning with her/him a ride once all of this will see an end?
Eventually, that is what really makes us happy and fills our lives!
We realise that more and more lately…

Our life is filled with items and accessories and our homes have any comfort. Yet, now that we must stay home, what we would love would be going out, ride, walk or whatever.
And all those accessories and comfort feel dull compared to that aspiration.

Let’s stop and think about it even for a second. Can we change anything in our lives that could create more room for what really makes us happy and satisfied?

When the emergency will see an end, surely we won’t go back to normal and al lot will be different.
There we’ll need to be ready and have our axes sharp. We’ll be able to face situations differently and be more effective towards what is really important in our lives.

The 24H of Finale wants to use these time to think too.

We strongly believe that the changes we see around us are strictly connected to nature and environment.
We did start making some changes in the organising of the event in order to have the smallest polluting print possible; surely, now, we’ll have even more time to deeply understand how to create even a better balance with our landscape.

Many of you wrote to us, thank you!
Please keep writing! Give us your point of view and ideas; we are actually taking this time to dust old projects and make some new and we believe doing it together is the way!


vai all versione in Italiano