24H of Finale VentAge Edition – The Bike Vintage Theme

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Twenty years of 24H of Finale, a story, a journey that is worth celebrating ‘ad hoc’ with a theme that evokes the early days of mountain biking, in the ’80s and ‘90s

As in every proper edition of the 24H of Finale, great emphasis and importance is given to the ‘theme’, which – as announced for the 2018 edition, the twentieth – will revolve around Vintage MTBs.

Between the 18th and the 20th of May things will turn bonkers on the plateau of le Manie! Let’s go into more detail now to explain what led to the choice of the theme and how you will need to turn up on the day in order to be admitted to the category and – judgement given by a unique jury – aspire to the top step of the Bike VentAge podium 😉

The great 24H of Finale festival is far more than a simple mountain bike race: it celebrates the biggest names of the national and international 24H endurance racing scene, challenging them with one of the toughest competition in the world;  at the same time, it aims at paying tribute to the spirit of fun and freedom of expression that riding bikes offers to racers and amateurs alike.

While organizing the 2018 edition – the twentieth for this great Finale’s event – the crew went over the entire history of the festival, rediscovering old photos and videos, digging out press releases from early editions and dusting off memories…as a result, a big laugh and the need to experience again, even if just for fun, the Vintage era of mountain bikes.

The rules of VentAge are simple and the features judged by the jury, that you will find on the steps of the Toboga Stadium, are those shown in the picture:

– 100% dreamer (if you are not a dreamer, it is not worth trying)

– 100% vintage lycra, possibly in neon colours

– 100% vintage steel frame, hardtail (allowed elastomers or early forms of suspension, of course) with wheels strictly 26’’

To enter the category all you need is to turn up on the day equipped with one or more of the elements we just mentioned.

Needless to say it is time to start digging out the boxes that have laid abandoned for years and exhume that absurd kit that you would have never thought to wear again. Rush into the shed and pull out from under meters of junk the old bike that – we must say – it is time to fix and regain its old glory: she is worth it! Perhaps, to many, it is just scrap but deep in your heart it still speaks of a time when mountain biking was more a physical than a technical challenge, a time that taught us a lot!

Are you ready? Do you dare challenge the loop of 24H of Finale wearing your waist bag, with your walkman cassette player on the ears?

Nothing else to do: just indicate upon registration ‘Bike VentAge Category’ and go back to the magic world of the ’80s/’90s. The 24H VentAge edition is good to go.

vai all versione in Italiano