24H of Finale 2020: Event CANCELLED

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In order not to be a burden on the Italian sanitary system throughout the Covid-19 national emergency and for the country to contain the spreading of the virus, the 22nd edition of “24H di Finale” is officially cancelled.

This is the decision that the Blu Bike ASD Team took. We fiercely hoped till the very end, on a different and closer ending of the epidemic. 

We didn’t forecast such a grave outcome.

Sadly, the contagion and the bad hit that the sanitary system is taking is still happening in our region and, particularly, in the Savona area.

This is a real health risk for riders, audience and team involved in the event.


Furthermore, an event like the “24H di Finale”, thoroughly involves local health forces with the need of ambulances, doctors, nurses, 100 civil-defence voluntaries and the Mountain Rescue. These would, then, be taken away from an already critical emergency state and endangering even more the whole community. 

The health and safety of the people are the highest priority for the whole staff of 24H of Finale, therefore, after discussing with local authorities, the mountain rescue team and the health-care department, we decided to officially cancel the event. 

Cancelling the event is a major responsibility-driven decision in such hard times for everyone. 

This situation took everyone aback. Starting from institutions, event organisers like us and, of course, all the riders and MTB fans. 

We strongly believe that there is no point in blaming anyone in particular for this and pointing the finger doesn’t make any sense right now and/or in the future. 

This made us take into consideration that many of you have seen plenty of race subscriptions made in the past months being postponed or cancelled, resulting in the loss of even considerable amounts of money on these bizarre times.

We, therefore state that each participant will have a full subscription fee refund. 

BluBike ASD is a no-profit association that has been working in Finale since 1999 and has the clear target of promoting Finale on an International scale and creating tourism/sport/environment-driven projects.

All the earnings that the race makes every year are used for social purposes and devolved towards those activities that are involved in managing and protecting our territory all-year-round.
Among these we’ll never thank enough:
– Croce Bianca of Finalmarina
– Croce Verde of Finalborgo
– Mountain and Caving rescue of Finale Ligure
– Forest fire fighters teams in Borgio Verezzi, Calice Ligure, Finale Ligure, Noli e Spotorno


Other than not being able to organise our great annual event, not having the “24H di Finale” will considerably limit our contributions in 2020, therefore, we strongly suggest all the participants (and everybody) to sign up to the donation for the 118 of Savona, created to help fighting this heavy situation.


This safe fundraiser is for a great institution that always provided great support and impeccable service to us bikers that love Finale’s trails and all the tracks on the Ligurian Riviera. 

We are sure that this static period won’t push us apart. 

In fact the “24H di Finale” mindset has always been inclusive towards everyone: from the racer that aims for the medal to the rider that pedals for fun, where you are a part of it because you want a great experience. 

Exactly with this inclusive spirit, let’s stop and get off the bike while we wait for everyone to arrive: this is the only way the event will take strength again and be as it has always been.

vai all versione in Italiano