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The registration for the twentieth edition of the 24H of Finale, that will take place between the 19th and the 20th of May in Finale Ligure on the plateau of le Manie, will open on the 15th of January.

To enter the race, just visit the 24hfinale.com website, find the registration page and follow the simple steps.


With regard to the change in the format of the competition (SOLO and TEAM will again be racing at the same time) a limit to the maximum number of riders simultaneously present on course has been introduced: 400, divided between 100 SOLO and 300 TEAM riders. This restriction will let everyone enjoy the amazing track to the full. 

Given the limit set by the organizers, please do not hesitate: enter the event as soon as possible and avoid the risk of missing an edition that promises to be really extraordinary.

Tons of surprises have been set aside for this VentAge Edition to celebrate the 24H of Finale and its twenty-year-long history: plenty of music – as always, concerts, the spectacle within the Toboga Stadium and many side events that will offer each participant an unconventional race, unlike many other competitions out there, a unique and unrepeatable event! 

The entry fee includes a 24H of Finale-VentAge limited edition Original Buff, the official t-shirt of the event and other freebies, in addition to 4 meal vouchers, the use of services such as showers and bike wash, mechanical assistance in the paddock area and obviously the pitch where you will place your tent.

It is critical to indicate the area in which you would like to camp while registering for the event, bearing in mind that some zones are reserved for solo racers only. 

This is something that should not be overlooked: available areas are limited and thus a reservation system based on a first come, first served basis has to be in place, but it will only enable the fastest amongst you to secure the areas closest to the changeover zone and to services.

In the registration form you will also be able to request a camping area equipped with power supply (available in specific zones only) and you will find out which camping sectors are reached by wi-fi coverage, otherwise provided in the area in front of the stage at all times.

To proper celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the 24H of Finale, a dedicated ‘Bike Vintage’ category will also be brought in. Everyone using an ’80s – ’90s retro bike will be able to be part of it, while remaining registered for the category they belong to. 

Special prizes will be awarded to those participating in the ‘Bike Vintage’ category. You will need to indicate you’d like to be part of it while entering the event.

Taking part in the 24H of Finale means much more that participating in a mountain-bike race: everything surrounding it makes a real difference. Registering in time will allow you to be able to customize your experience, and to make it even more special.

vai all versione in Italiano