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I have seen many photographers along the course. Where can I see photos of myself?

Sportograf is the official photographic agency for the event ( You can see all the
pictures they have of you by simply entering your race number on their web site. It is also possible to buy
the images at very low prices.

Is it possible to take photos and videos during the race?

Certainly, no problem.
You can also share photos and video of the race on social media. It is also fine to use helmet-cam.

Can we put your logo on our race kit? And where can we download it?

You can download the logo in vector file format directly from here. You may not use it on shirts, sweatshirts
or other gagdets except for personal use. And you may not market items with our trademark or logo.

I am a journalist. Is it possible to get accreditation?

You can get the accreditation from the relevant section online.



vai all versione in Italiano