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What is WEMBO?

W.E.M.B.O. is the acronym of“World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation”.

It was set up in 2011 to establish an international standard for 24-hour mountain bike events, and to create

the World Championship of the speciality every year called "24-hour Mountain Bike". The "24-Hours" has

always been overshadowed by other organisations, who sometimes refuse to recognise it as a discipline

worthy of its own league. WEMBO has become the most important international reference for the world of

24-hour MTB, and organises a world championship every year. Recently it has also begun to organise

continental championships in Europe and Oceania.

World championships organised by WEMBO:

2012: Finale Ligure (ITALY)

2013: Canberra (AUSTRALIA)

2014: Fort William (SCOTLAND)

2015: Weaverville (CALIFORNIA – USA)

2016: Rotorua (NEW ZEALAND)

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What is the 24H MTB Italian Challenge?

The 24H of Finale Ligure was the first 24-hour race organised in Italy, but it is not the only one now. There

are many different competitions held throughout the 'boot' [Italy]. The 24H Italian MTB Challenge is a

circuit that forms a network of all the most prestigious Italian races. It is a real circuit as it awards points that

determine rankings after all the races have taken place.

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vai all versione in Italiano