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Will there be someone at the even to explain to me how the race works?

There will always be people in the office who are ready and able to answer all sorts of questions. The

detailed rules will be explained during the captains' briefing before the start.

When is the departure?

It depends on the section you are in and the size of the team:-

The SOLOs and TEAM 2 leave on Saturday at 11.00

(finishing the race on Sunday at 11.00)

TEAM 4, TEAM 8 and TEAM 12 leave on Saturday at 14.00

(finishing the race on Sunday at 14.00)

All the CYCLE TOURISM riders (whether in TEAM 4, TEAM 8 or TEAM 12) also leave on Saturday at

14.00, but, can be, from a different starting place from the competitive teams.

What do I have to do with the chip?

The magnetic chip is fundamental to the correct functioning of the timekeeping equipment.

The team captain will get chips (which are given out on payment of a deposit) to be used by teammates who

will take turns on the course. The chip reading stations allow us to check on the correct running of the race,

ensuring that no-one takes a short cut, and they record the lap times.

Each rider must fix the chip to his ankle before doing a circuit. If they forget, the circuits they have done will

not count.

The changeover area – what is it and how does it function?

The changeover area is where members of a team pass the baton to change places on the course. The baton is

represented by another magnetic chip which must always go with the personal chip carried by the rider

during racing. If this baton chip is lost the squad cannot continue to ride the course.

Can I do the changeover with my teammate outside the changeover area?

No, the baton may only be passed inside the changeover area.

Any changes made elsewhere will be punished with a penalty by the referee.

I am afraid of the dark. Do you light the site at night?

The 24H course will not be lit during the night. Night riding provokes strong emotions - it is truly a leap in

the dark. But without proper lights you will be in complete darkness in the woods. For this reason, the rules

state that, in addition to your normal bike lights, you must have a substitute light in case your principal lights

fail. Without a spare light, the staff will not allow a rider to depart during the night phase.

If I want to stop in the middle of a lap, how can I do so without my team losing time?

If you have problems getting to the end of your lap (tiredness, a mishap, a mechanical breakdown etc), go to

a control point on the course (you will find one about every kilometre), who can dispatch your teammate to

do a 'flying change'. The control point, run by our staff, will contact the changeover area by radio and say

that your teammate can start (using the race number). Once that's done your circuit will be discounted, and

only that of your replacement teammate will count.

Can I do what I want or is there a rulebook?

The event has a rulebook, which is a very important document for ensuring the event is enjoyable for

everyone, but above all safe, avoiding accidents and mishaps. For this reason the regulations must be read,

understood and accepted by all participants.



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