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Where exactly does the event take place?

The event is held in the Manie, a splendid high plateau rich in tracks, which is 8km from the centre of Finale

Ligure, Click here to find the best route.

I’m at the airport. Can you come and pick me up?

Send us an email giving the place and time of arrival and we'll come and fetch you.

(The cost of the service varies depending on which airport you come to. For example, Genoa airport costs no

more than 100 euros for up to seven people with bikes.)

If I park some distance away, is there a shuttle to take me to the paddock area?

Yes. We will run a shuttle service along the 5km of the Manie plateau which will allow you easy access to

the paddock area even if you have parked some distance away.

I am disabled. Will I still be able to get myself around the event?

The event area is designed so that all the important points can be reached with a wheelchair and the

raised areas are fitted with ramps rather than steps. There are also special bathrooms adapted for the


It is also possible to park your car in an area next to the entrance to make moving around easy.



vai all versione in Italiano