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How did you come up with this idea?

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Several years ago, in 1999 to be precise, we wanted a way of showcasing the Finale area to bikers around

the world. There were and still are lots of cycle races which are often so full of competitive stress that the

riders don’t have a chance to even find out if the place they are in is horrible or wonderful. They do the race,

have a shower and go straight home.

This seemed pretty limiting to us, so we invented the first 24 hours on an MTB ever held in Italy, an event in

which bikers could participate along with loads of friends. They could be on their bikes for several hours,

and party, dance and sing for the rest of the day and night. This meant they would have time to enjoy the

place, absorb the atmosphere and think about returning soon.

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I keep seeing the words ‘FAIR PLAY’ on your website. But what does that mean?

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‘Play honestly’ is a philosophy for life, not just a sporting maxim. We are absolutely convinced that a minute

supposedly lost by helping someone else is actually a minute gained. Sharing a happy moment with other

mountain bike lovers is much more valuable than a record against the clock.

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What do competitors win?

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We have chosen not to award cash prizes for the competitive races. We believe that sport is richer than being

just a way of winning money. We reward athletes who share emotional moments with their team mates, and

those who take a healthy attitude to their competitors. We reward riders who are proud of having prepared

for the race with determination and application for months on end. We prize bikers who are happy to have

taken part in a real authentic mountain bike event. For each of them, it would be impossible to reduce their

experience by just putting a monetary value on it. If you win a bit of happiness, that’s your prize! And

everyone who takes part is a winner, not just those who take the top three places on the podium!

P.S. In addition to the above, those who do make it to the podium get good quality technical MTB items,

local products and lots of hugs!

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There are loads of races around… why should I choose the 24H of Finale

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Well, our motto is ‘It’s hard, It’s Fun, It’s Crazy’ so that’s at least three reasons.

It’s Hard: It is an epic event offering one of the most complete mountain bike trails for an event of this type.

And the surroundings are stunning.

It’s Fun: After you’ve tried the single track Flow and the toboggan, you can enjoy a big party with friends,

lots of music and a few sips of the best artisan beer around.

It’s Crazy: Each year we have a theme which introduces an element of mayhem between participants. How

many races have you been to where you can dress up as your favourite comic book character, or as an alien

or a native American?

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What is ‘Bike for Peace’?

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It’s an idea! Or maybe an ideal!

It is a dream in which the bike, as well as being a way of getting around, can also be – and is – a vehicle to

spread a message.

A message of hope in a world which has need of it.

“Bike for Peace” is involved in social projects, supporting World Bicycle Relief

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