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What do competitors win?

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We have chosen not to award cash prizes for the competitive races. We believe that sport is richer than being

just a way of winning money. We reward athletes who share emotional moments with their team mates, and

those who take a healthy attitude to their competitors. We reward riders who are proud of having prepared

for the race with determination and application for months on end. We prize bikers who are happy to have

taken part in a real authentic mountain bike event. For each of them, it would be impossible to reduce their

experience by just putting a monetary value on it. If you win a bit of happiness, that’s your prize! And

everyone who takes part is a winner, not just those who take the top three places on the podium!

P.S. In addition to the above, those who do make it to the podium get good quality technical MTB items,

local products and lots of hugs!

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There are loads of races around… why should I choose the 24H of Finale

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Well, our motto is ‘It’s hard, It’s Fun, It’s Crazy’ so that’s at least three reasons.

It’s Hard: It is an epic event offering one of the most complete mountain bike trails for an event of this type.

And the surroundings are stunning.

It’s Fun: After you’ve tried the single track Flow and the toboggan, you can enjoy a big party with friends,

lots of music and a few sips of the best artisan beer around.

It’s Crazy: Each year we have a theme which introduces an element of mayhem between participants. How

many races have you been to where you can dress up as your favourite comic book character, or as an alien

or a native American?

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What is ‘Bike for Peace’?

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It’s an idea! Or maybe an ideal!

It is a dream in which the bike, as well as being a way of getting around, can also be – and is – a vehicle to

spread a message.

A message of hope in a world which has need of it.

“Bike for Peace” is involved in social projects, supporting World Bicycle Relief

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I’ve never been to Finale, so what’s the weather like normally?

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The area we call the Finalese has a beautiful Mediterranean climate, with pretty dry summers and mild

winters. The event takes place in spring, when the average temperature is around 22°C. It doesn’t often rain,

though it may do. The event takes place at between 300 and 360 metres above sea level and at that time of

year night temperatures may fall below 14°C.

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If I stay on for a few days, will I find other good MTB trails?

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Finale is world-famous for the number and variety of ideal MTB trails. There,s a network of more than

600km of single track routes which are passable all year round on foot and by bike.

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Can you recommend a hotel for me?

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Take a look at the Finale Ligure Bike Hotels website ( As well as being the

best value for money and good quality, they provide a secure bike room for your cycles and hoteliers who

understand your passion and can help you make the most of your cycling holiday.

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Are there other outdoor sports in the Finalese area?

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Finale is recognised as one of the world capitals of outdoor sport. The 600km of single track in the

hinterland has made it famous in the MTB community, but these paths are also ideal for walking trips and

for horseriders in search of beautiful surroundings. The Finalese is the first pre-Alpine slopes, which rise up

steeply from the sea. The Italian Riviera is famous for lovely days at the seaside, where as well as relaxing

on the beach, you can go out in a sailing boat and look for whales and dolphins, or try scuba diving. The

Finalese is also characterised by its unique geology, with distinctive limestone plateaus and cliff faces which

are unique.

There are around 200 cliffs on with more than 3,000 climbing routes, ready to give you a shot of adrenaline

if you fancy an alternative to biking. Finally, don’t underestimate the gastronomic pleasures of the Finalese.

There are plenty of farms which offer delicious local food. Have a look at Finale Outdoor Resort

( for more information.

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Where exactly does the event take place?

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The event is held in the Manie, a splendid high plateau rich in tracks, which is 8km from the centre of Finale

Ligure, Click here to find the best route.

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I’m at the airport. Can you come and pick me up?

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Send us an email giving the place and time of arrival and we’ll come and fetch you.

(The cost of the service varies depending on which airport you come to. For example, Genoa airport costs no

more than 100 euros for up to seven people with bikes.)

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If I park some distance away, is there a shuttle to take me to the paddock area?

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Yes. We will run a shuttle service along the 5km of the Manie plateau which will allow you easy access to

the paddock area even if you have parked some distance away.

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