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Are there hot showers?

Obviously! All athletes will be able to take a free hot shower whenever they want!

What is the 24H MTB Italian Challenge?

The 24H of Finale Ligure was the first 24-hour race organised in Italy, but it is not the only one now. There

are many different competitions held throughout the 'boot' [Italy]. The 24H Italian MTB Challenge is a

circuit that forms a network of all the most prestigious Italian races. It is a real circuit as it awards points that

determine rankings after all the races have taken place.

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Will I be able to wash my bike?

Yes, even your faithful adventure companion will be able to take a shower whenever you want. We only ask

you use biodegradable detergent to clean it.

I am coming with my family, will my children be entertained?

Yes, while you go off Mountain Biking you family will enjoy the event. There will be professional

entertainers who will organise free themed shows, daily activities and games for children.

Will there be masseurs and physiotherapists?

We work with many masseurs and physiotherapists and they will be attending the event.

I have lost my keys, where’s the ‘Lost and Found’?

All items that have been lost and then found, such as documents, mobile phones and keys, are delivered to

the race secretary. This service is available even after the race is over when you can use email to arrange to

have your items sent to you at home.

What is on the menu?

Well, in Liguria a good plate of pasta with pesto cannot be missed. But that is only one dish. Our cooks will

prepare different dishes on the spot, including appetisers, main courses, pizzas and sandwiches.

Is the kitchen open for 24 hours on the 24H?

Of course! If you ride through the night, we will look forward to serving you with a good dish of pasta on

your return to the paddock. Twenty-four hours a day on the 24H our cooks prepare food for everyone!

What is the KID’s Race?

It is one of the best moments of the whole event! The small bikers compete in their own bicycle race-game.

The race is open to children of all ages, from the smallest to the biggest. So Sunday morning will really be a

'small' big party!

Are you also organising a Trail Running competition?

We are.

On Thursday evening we will hold 'Run the 24H', which is a night trail running competition along the route

of the '24H of Finale'.



vai all versione in Italiano