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How many friends can I invite to my campaign area?

Invite as many as you want! Just remember that the site you occupy is proportional to the size of your team,

not to the number of friends you have as well! The space won't change.

When I was in the scouts, I learned how to light fires. Can I do this to grill food?

No way!

The whole event takes place in the heart of woodland and there is a very high fire risk. That's why it is

forbidden to light fires at ground level. If you want to cook food, you may use a barbeque.

Can I park my car in the camping area?

NO! The fields on the Manie plateau are all protected by environmental law and it is not possible to park

cars in the camping zone.

If our friends are also registered, can we have our campsite next to theirs?

Yes, if possible. We'll do our best to organise it, but we can't promise. Send an email to

and let our staff know what you want so that they can work something out.

I have chosen an area with electric current. How does it work?

There is a cable running into your site. You will be provided with 600W of current at 220 V. Every

connection, the lights and any appliances you connect must be suitable for outside use (IP55 or higher).

Remember to bring a suitable extension cable.

What bike can I use?

For the 24H of Finale you can use any kind of bike you like provided that it does not have an electric motor.

When choosing your bike, you must take into account that the 24H of Finale course is not a classic cross-

country course made up entirely of unpaved roads. For the most part, it is made up of single tracks which

undulate and require concentration. The type of going means that many riders prefer a mountain bike with

full suspension and an MTB front.

I have reserved an area for my camper. How does this work?

The camper areas offered by our organisation are NOT adapted for campers. They are simply areas where

there is parking permission. Therefore these areas do not offer the usual services for campers you might

expect on other campsites. These areas do not have water or drain connections for chemical toilets. If you

have requested an area with electricity, this will be provided by cable at 600W and 220V. If you prefer, there

are three campsites very close by which have all the facilities for campers.

Can I compete on a tandem?

Certainly. Take a look at the rules for specifics.

I don’t like changing gear. Can I ride a Single Speed?

Certainly. Single speeders have been our racing friends for years. We have a special category for them which

offers prizes in addition to their race placings.

I have an e-bike. Can I use it?

No. During the events, no e-bikes are allowed on the course.



vai all versione in Italiano