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What does my subscription cover?

It includes:

− Participation in the 24H of Finale

− Special event T shirt

− Buff Original limited edition, specially designed for the event

− 24H of Finale gadget

− Three hearty meals

− The right to medical assistance on the race course

− Free use of the hot showers and washrooms

− Free use of the bike cleaning area

− Free mechanical help (parts excluded)

I am not licenced. Can I still enter?


The 24H of Finale is also open to riders who are not licenced by a sporting organisation such as

(FCI, UISP, CSI, UDACE, etc). If you want to enter the competitive races, you MUST have a sports medical

certificate. If you want to ride in the non-competitive section, you MUST have a simple medical certificate.

Every rider MUST present the ORIGINAL of the medical certificate at race registration for it to be checked.

What type of medical certificate do I need?

Above all you must have an official medical certificate which must be the ORIGINAL and has to be shown

at the race office. The certificate must confirm that it was issued after a face to face check-up. No medical

certificate will be considered valid if it is issued by a gynaecologist, dermatologist or other medical

specialist who does not perform appropriate sports screening. If you wish to do the competitive race, you

MUST have a sports medical certificate. If you want to ride in the non-competitive section, you MUST have

a simple medical certificate. Every rider MUST present the ORIGINAL of the medical certificate to the race

office for it to be confirmed.

Oh no! I’ve left my medical certificate at home. Will you exclude me from the race?

Don't worry. You're not the first (and you won't be the last).

You can pay for a medical check-up at the race site, for a fee (click here for details). We work with the

Studio Albaro di Genova, so you will be seen by a medical specialist and a cardiologist who, in addition to a

general check-up, will perform an ECG and measure your breathing to ensure that your health is precisely

monitored. Please note that because this examination is not undertaken in a registered health centre, the

certificate cannot be used for the COMPETITIVE races.The check-up only provides a simple medical

certificate despite including an electrocardiogram and spirometry. Therefore riders who opt to have a check-

up at the race site must remember that it is only valid for the NON-competitive category. If a competitive

rider has to get a simple medical certificate in this way, the whole squad will move into the NON-

competitive category.

I signed up, but I can’t compete. What can I do?

No problem.

If you let us know at least a week before the race, there are two possibilities:

1) You can cede your registration to another TEAM you know

2) You can freeze your registration until the following year

I’m thinking of doing both the SOLO and the TEAM race. Am I crazy?

Some riders have already done this!

Because the SOLO and TEAM races are separated by 2 hours, you can participate in both competitions.

We offer a special entry fee for those who do both.

I don’t have any friends who want to come. Are there any TEAMS I can join?

TEAMs quite often need a rider to complete their squad. We don't do the introductions, so the best way to

get in touch is to put a message on our Facebook page or post something on the dedicated MTB Forum page.

Wow! Free camping! But how does it work? Is it first come first served?

No. We don't think anarchy really works for camping. We have divided the site into different zones which

each have differences. Some of them have paid services such as electricity, wifi access and an option to park

campers. Others are completely free of charge. We have matched the space to the squads to give them sites

which reflect the number of riders in their team. Take a look at the campsite plan on our website (click here)

before you register, so that you get the site that most suits your needs. Our race office will reserve the area

you have chosen and when you arrive at the event you will be taken to your campsite, so you won't risk

having nowhere to stay.

When do I have to put the tents up?

The sites are available on the first three days of the event - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - and the staff

will be there to help all the teams when they arrive.

I’d like to use a gazebo. Can you rent me one?

Yes, if you don't want to bring your own you can rent one from us. When you register you will find an

option for adding this to the TEAM registration.



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