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The 24H of Finale is one of the most important endurance mountain bike events in the world, able to attract every year on the Manie plateau, in Finale Ligure, thousands of bikers and passionate riders from every continent.

Several years ago, in 1999 to be precise, we wanted a way of showcasing the Finale area to bikers around the world. There were and still are lots of cycle races which are often so full of competitive stress that the riders don’t have a chance to even find out if the place they are in is horrible or wonderful. They do the race, have a shower and go straight home.
This seemed pretty limiting to us, so we invented the first 24 hours on an MTB ever held in Italy, an event in which bikers could participate along with loads of friends. They could be on their bikes for several hours, and party, dance and sing for the rest of the day and night. This meant they would have time to enjoy the place, absorb the atmosphere and think about returning soon.


How does a 24 hour race work?


You can participate in Team or as Solo.

The 24H of Finale is an event suitable for every type of cyclist. What unites all the participants is their passion for mountain biking and the desire to have a good time.
Depending on the type of team with which you decide to enter, you will be free to decide how you get the most enjoyment out of it.
TEAMS range from those who are very competitive and have a strict race strategy, those who are more interested in having fun than in posting fast times.

The 24H of Finale is a festival

in which the bike plays the starring role,

but it is also a rich source of activities which will make time fly for families and friends. There is an exhibition area with plenty of bikerelated stuff, and also stands offering food, beer and fun.
There are six musical events to get you into the rhythm of the festival.



Our motto is: It’s hard, It’s Fun, It’s Crazy


So that’s at least three reasons.


It’s Hard: It is an epic event offering one of the most complete mountain bike trails for an event of this type. And the surroundings are stunning.

It’s Fun: After you’ve tried the single track Flow and the toboggan, you can enjoy a big party with friends, lots of music and a few sips of the best artisan beer around.

It’s Crazy:Each year we have a theme which introduces an element of mayhem between participants. How many races have you been to where you can dress up as your favourite comic book character, or as an alien or a native American?

The history of the 24H of Finale has been written since 1999 by tens of thousands of Bikers, coming from all over the World.

The Hall of Fame boasts the presence of athletes of the highest level and the various editions have marked the history of Finale and MTB.

It’s therefore difficult to summarize the history of such an important event but we tried with a documentary that tells how we organized the event from 1999, the year of the first 24

hours in Italy, to 2012, the year of the organization of the first W.E.M.B.O. World SOLO 24H MTB Championship.



vai all versione in Italiano