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After the launch of the hilarious video featuring the woods of Finale Ligure and the Caveman who in a visionary experience meets Alessandro Volta – no less – to initiate what would be VoltAge, the Volt era, it is time today to shed some light (excuse the pun) on the origins of this new adventure.

20 years ago Blu Bike brought to life their “24H of Finale”, an event that is absolutely unique in the philosophy and in the objectives it pursues since then. The event managed to put together very different types of people and riders: this is something that is not often taken into account, but it is for sure the greatest merit of the 24 hour event that boasts the world’s biggest participation.

Many events are very specialist and speak to a specific audience; instead, the 24 hour of Finale has been designed with a format that is great to bring people together. There are not many events out there where you will find such a variety of athletes and enthusiasts – or just people intrigued by the event – happy to share the same passion.

It is exactly the concept of ‘sharing’ that becomes the hallmark and the source of the very energy you perceive during the event. A positive energy, running amongst people who are as different as the poles of a battery can be: far and opposite, but still so important for one another.

With this spirit, reaching the twentieth edition of the competition, Blu Bike revamp the values the 24H of Finale was born with and offer an event for E-MTBs, something able to bring together riders with very different abilities in one only great festival.

This is how Volt-Age, the E-MTB event under the sign of VOLT, came to light.

Race format, course and registration details will be announced soon, on the 24H of Finale website and throughout its media channels.

Stay tuned!



vai all versione in Italiano