The 24 hours of Finale is a sporting / fun / musical gourmet event-consisting of a rolling mountain biking. The participate in teams divided into categories of 4, 8 or 12 people, or alone in the category "ONLY", and runs for 24 hours "non-stop" an established circuit. There is also the "Single Speed" category with unique classification. Single Speed team members must race with a Single Speed bike.
The area of the event is located on the Manie Finale Ligure. The path of 6600 m. Offers a mix of road and footpath, with a drop of 225 meters that develops 300 metres altitude near the coast. The panoramic views, music, food, the scent of Mediterranean maquis, the festive atmosphere, puff competitors lights in the dark characterise this very special event.
The 24 hours is a unique event mainly thanks to the teams that have been able to interpret its right spirit: integrators give way to demijohns wine bars to cotolette with the same energy but with a different fat content.
The music, "town team", the city of bikers, and the rest are transforming 24 hours in a single event.

The World SOLO 24 hr Mountain Bike Championship it will be 19th an 20th may 2012.
The 24 hours of Finale Ligure Team Edition it will be the 26th and 27th may 2012.


    The teams are divided into the following categories:

TEAM RACING (Agonostic Team):

SOLO (See the dedicate website at www.wembo.com.au)
TEAM  2 (2 male or mix components)
TEAM  4 (from 3 to 4 male or mix components)
TEAM  8 (from 5 to 8 male or mix components )
TEAM  12 (from 9 to 12  male or mix components )

TEAM  2 (2 female components)
TEAM  4 Female (from 2 to 4 female components)
TEAM  8 Female (from 5 to 8  female components )
TEAM  12 Female (from 9 to 12  female components )

TEAM FUN (NOT Agonistic Team):

TEAM  4 (from 2 to 4 male or mix components)
TEAM  8 (from 5 to 8  male or mix components )
TEAM  12 (from 9 to 12  male or mix components )
TEAM  4 F (from 2 to 4 female components)
TEAM  8 F (from 5 to 8  female components )
TEAM  12 F (from 9 to 12  female components )

The "Single Speed" category has the same registration rules.

The mixed teams are classified under male.
The maximum number of competitors is allowed in 1500; only 50.

The fee is based on the categories and not based on the number of components, so the costs will be as follows:

  • SOLO M or F category 89 euro

  • 2 M of 2 F category 178 euro
  • 4 M or 4 F category 276 euro

  • 8 M or 8 F category 512 euro

  • 12 M or 12 F category 708 euro

For organizational reasons Subscriptions are closed to reaching maximum number.

It may accept other entries, subject to availability of seats, upon payment of a surcharge of 10 € a competitor.

Registration will be on-line, only accessible from the Internet www.24hfinale.com completed in its entirety, followed by payment possible by money order made out to:

BLUE BIKE at Via dell'Edera 1 - 17024 FINAL LIGURE (SV)

or by bank transfer c / o:

BANCA: BCC Pianfei e Rocca de’ Baldi ag. Di Finale Ligure
IBAN: IT43F0875349410000140140755


The actual registration will be registered only upon receipt of payment and will be activated the account team for the insertion of components.

Teams that enter a number of components less than permitted by category but may enter up to the last day elements to obtain the maximum number permitted, as long as lead certification request.
Ex. If a team signs up 6 components, so it is in category 8, it can also
insert 2 elements even event started, as long as they move by the Secretariat to control and documentation for removal of the equipment required for participation in the event.

The event is open to membership cards of each body. The registration card must present a valid passport, while those who do not have the card must carry a certificate of fitness issued by Agonistic sports federation Sport Medicine. The category FR 4, 8 or 12 riders can participate with general medical certificate attesting to the suitability sport not racing. or this reason the category FR 4, 8 or 12 is out of the official ranking.

All cards which are not agonistics, so not UCI / FCI / UISP / UDACE must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

In the team it is allowed the entry of professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs.
The minimum age for registration as a member of a team is 14 years, but the minor must present the entry, as well as card or valid medical certificate, with the permission of a parent or those who deputise to attend the event.

You have to sign a Indemnification exhaust responsibility, which you can read the content in facsimile you find on the site. For minors this must be signed by a parent or by those who deputise.

Team Manager figures in the list entries and can only give assistance to or the SOLO teams, stationed in the area will set up near the 'area exchange and networking with the direction race. You can make deputise for the captain when the same will be prevented.


Each team must elect a captain and a vice-captain. The captain officially represent the team, taking part in the pre-race briefing and representing the team in communications with the organization. This captain will be replaced by the team manager. The captain will be responsible for the conduct and discipline of the team. The vice-captain must be prepared to take over the team if the captain is forced to retire.

And 'mandatory use of protective helmet EC homologated.

There are no constraints for replacement parts on bicycles competitors. The whole bike can be replaced as long as the table-leading number of the participant is always clearly visible. It can run in tandem and the text will competitor who will be in front handlebar hand. All the competitors will however remain the same from beginning to the end. At the end of lap you can change just one component of the crew.

Only registered participants, representatives of the press and components can travel path during the event by bicycle.

The cyclists were riding precedence over cyclists pushing his bicycle. Who pushes must avoid hindering those proceeds in the saddle. About proceed more slowly is invited to keep the right to facilitate overtaking competitors faster. Any misconduct will result in disqualification.
The shortcuts outside marked path is a sure way for the disqualification of the entire team.
Entrants must keep a correct and sport
behaviour with the other participants, the staff the spectators, flora and fauna.
The event will begin and proceed regardless of weather conditions. The Director of the event will suspend or stop when an exceptional situation may cause danger to participants or spectators.
The director of the event can stop a
participant if he thinks be can cause harm to himself or to other people.

In case of an mechanical or physical accident, the enjured competitor will have two options:

1) along the path of bringing the bike race by hand or shoulder going to the nearest rescue team and make repairs with the kit available (nb The teams placed along the route will be equipped with a kit to repair small technical drawbacks such as punctures or broken chain BUT NOT BE TAKEN TO MAKE REPAIRS).

2) along the path of bringing the bike race by hand or shoulder going to the nearest rescue team by radio and warn the race direction that will allow the departure of fellow team pending with consequent cancellation of the tour competitor Accident.

N.B. In the event of a serious accident rescue team warns the direction of race 'inability to continue a competitor. Directing race warn the captain of the team and allow the departure of the next competitor with annulment turn Corsican.

The recovery of the bycicle will be competing by the rescue team as soon as possible that will reach the middle of the race direction.
This rule must be considered a facilitation to the team covered by the claim, therefore, as the intervention is by the Civil Service Protection message will be queued to those security then the direction of race will not accept complaints on the timing of communication.

You shall not go in the opposite direction on the racetrack (except in the vicinity of controls in case the carpet rilevasse not switch competitor).

Competitors are required to notify emergency personnel in case of accidents or other physical problems encountered competitors.

In order to ensure the safety of the recovery of any injured, the staff will be on the path with yellow and red flags. The yellow flag competitors must proceed at walking pace and can not make overtaking, in the case of red flag will be required to reach slowly and carefully point to the new boot procedure.


At 11 we will briefing the captains (possibly replaced by team manager), which shall notify the latest information and will be delivered to captain the baton that every team member will have to wear as he runs lead by the captain who will start.

There are no excuses or proxies if the captain (or the team manager) is not the team does not start.
At least 10 minutes before by the captain should put its mechanical means at the main lawn and approach the starting line.

The event will start at 13 hours on Saturday with a departure style "Le Mans" and videos about palice and end at 13 hours on Sundays. The organization can move forward to departure and arrival of the first case of street-organizational logistical needs, but for the event Regulation can never last more than 24 hours.

Al via the captains must travel a circuit of about 400 metres on foot, possession of his bike and take the path marked in the right direction.

Each departing will be verified the presence of staff Lead transponder, a witness to the team, the door-table number and at night light earlier and reserves as well as the back.


All participants who wish to make the change should enter the zone change and proceed slowly to riding his bicycle, the others who intend to pursue regularly circulates along the way.
The zone change will be properly reported.

They will be allowed inside the exchange only competitors who wish to change.
Then switching virtual witness between members of a team can take place only in the relay.
Any irregularities in the relay will be punished with the cancellation of a tour.
The number and the time of change is at the discretion of each team.


There will be some control points along the route, where the transponder staff will be detected by a system for the analysis of the league.

These control points will also have a closed-circuit camera to allow verification of the steps event were to be concluded if reasonable grounds for a challenge by any captain.

It ensures that nothing will be recorded as sold to the transmission channels without having first requested the written permission of the participant at the event.

These control points will be placed where it will be possible to pass one competitor at a time at speeds reduced. A component of the service will be at the detection system to ensure compliance with all rules of race.

And 'responsibility of the participant to ensure that the transponder is detected and face "Bip" if not udisse no sound in step, the participant must go again to activate the signal before proceeding.


If a competitor lost the transponder, the captain should go to the direction of travel and denounce the loss. Will the team charged the cost of transponder and will be given a second, which will take the place of the first until the end of the event.


For night driving participants must have a system of primary lighting with a minimum output of 10 watts, as well as a second system of portable reserves (small pocket torch lamp or frontal). Because of the criticality of certain passages and is a power above 10 watts.

And 'mandatory applied to the rear light bicycle.

Participants who take part in the event at night will have to demonstrate their turn at the beginning of the lighting system is functioning well and have installed a system of reserves. In the case of irregularities Race Director competitor may prevent the departure until satisfactory accommodation of the implant.


The absence or removal of one or more components of a team does not move the team to another category.


It may happen that for reasons of safety or weather event to be discontinued.
If this were to happen, all participants on the course at that moment must finish his round remaining in the path marked up to the finish line transit.

The electronic system will assign the time of the team and draw up a provisional standings at the time off.

If it were not possible to resume the event, the provisional standings ultimately will be transformed by the Race Director who officially inform the captains through the amplification system.
The captains will remain in contact with the organization that will alert for the possible ripartenza at least 30 minutes early. When ripartenza first 15 teams will be placed on preserving the path posting accumulated before the interruption. All teams will be introduced to monitor the path to 10 seconds away from each other, but the real standings before the postings are respected giving birth to a final classification taking into account the real time walk.


The captain may decide to cancel the tour in the Corsican team if a component is unable to finish due to mechanical or physical accident. The Accident competitor will, whenever possible, follow the path of bringing the bike race by hand or shoulder going to the nearest rescue team by radio and warn the race direction that will allow the departure of fellow team on hold.

N.B. In the event of a serious accident rescue team warn the direction of race 'inability to continue the competitor. Directing race warn the captain and authorize the departure of the next resulting in cancellation of tour Corsican.

This rule must be considered a facilitation team covered by the claim, therefore, as the intervention is by the Civil Service Protection message will be queued to the security and the direction of race will not accept complaints on the timing of communication.

The recovery of cycling will be competing Accident by the rescue team as soon as possible that will reach the middle of the race direction.


The captain who wanted to lodge a complaint must do in writing prior payment of a deposit of 150.00 euros which will be returned in case of acceptance of the same.


At the hour of arrival that the team will most laps (of the standings absolute) will be the first to be stopped on the route to and from that moment on the route will be closed and will no longer be allowed other steps: teams in the race and then finish the tour in Corsican and will be ranked by number of laps routes and total time.

In the first arrival will value the number of laps completed and then the time (eg 48 laps in 24h and 10 are better than 45 laps in 24h 05).

Who has made the greatest number of laps and have the best time has been the fastest.
All others are to climb.


The awards will be held Sunday at 15.00 hours.

Will be awarded the first three winners of 4 male and female categories.

Other awards will be more witty to clothing, to more original, oldest, youngest, heaviest, those who come from further afield, the team last arrived.

Also, a sea of beautiful prizes to draw.

  • 10montura
  • 12buff
  • 13supernova
  • 18boom
  • 18lattina
  • 19Ferrino
  • 25nrc
  • 40wime
  • 65bikehotels
  • 82bcc