The 24 hour of Finale is now the most important competition of this kind in Europe.
Begun in 1999 it has become a reference point for its unique style, half way between 'a happening' and a Mountain Bike competition.

Around the 24Hour race was born also the Mountain Bike Festival of Finale, whose main purpose is to provide a unique moment of aggregation, together with all you need to have fun: Live Concerts, Food, Beer, Entertainment for children, tours and exhibitions.

The event draws thousands of Rider from all around the world to ride and enjoy the beautiful path that characterizes this event. In fact the trail represents the perfect synthesis of the beautiful trails of the famous Finale Ligure: Narrow single tracks into the wild Mediterranean vegetation with amazing see views.

Team & Solo

You participate in ‘teams’ of 4, 8 and 12 members (number closed at 200 squads).
A great adventure to live and remember together with your friends. Are you a real athlete? – Create your squad and confront yourself against stronger bikers; just like in the “24 hours of Le Mans”, team strategy and organisation can become the ace up a team’s sleeve.

Do you like “FreeRiding” and good company? You’ll find teams like the “Flying Deer" or the “Melateronlateron” who as "mad brains" will give you a hard nut to crack. And you can participate in the competition for the most original encampment and for the best outfit!

If, instead, you love impossible challenges ask to participate in the “solo” category (number closed at 60 athletes) and prepare yourself to live an unforgettable experience, where you’ll be the centre of attention for 24 hours! You'll ride for a day and a night taxing yourself to the limits and confronting your performance with those of very strong athletes like Franz Kohlsdorfer, winner of the category for three years consecutively, Thomas Widalm and Stefan Hutmacheror. Or Michelle Grainger, a very strong, American specialist, capable of putting behind her 90% of male competitors and Silvia Muller e Rebecca Tomasrewski, capable to ride for 24 hours her single speed bike.

The Night Riding

The event takes place uninterrupted for 24 hours: for many bikers the night is still an ‘Off Limit’ territory, but after an adventure like this there won’t be any more secrets: the magic of ‘night riding’ and the magical atmosphere of the woods during the night is a unique experience!

Equip your bicycle with an illumination system and dive from the ‘Take-off’ surrounded by the sea, or confront the very fast ‘toboggan’ where quickness of eye and precision make the difference.

The Fun Factor

If you love to do things seriously, at the 24 hours you can ride seriously and at the same time enjoy yourself seriously.
There is also plenty of space for a more relaxing and funny attitude: ‘theme’ squads, with extravagant outfits and original behaviour show that one can be really fast and at the same time enjoy yourself, or not be fast at all and have a lot of fun anyway!
Famous European DJs’ will play music on the course and you can watch a big, completely free, concert that will take place next to the course during the race!
Food, games, competitions, beers and lots of sport will make for an unforgettable day. Invite your friends for two days of adventure with you and the mountain bike: it’ll be a really special weekend.

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